Types of Businesses That Use Commercial Refrigeration

There are many different businesses that use commercial http://www.irsrefrigeration.com.au, and each type may use different types of refrigeration. From walk in coolers to refrigerated display cases, you’re going to want to ensure you have the right refrigeration for your business. Some of the various types of businesses that may need refrigeration in their line of work include restaurants, grocery stores and florists. If you’re interested in starting up one of these types of businesses, below are some of the different types of refrigeration you may want to consider.

Refrigeration for Restaurants

Restaurants may need a variety of different types of IRS Refrigeration. The most common is a walk in refrigerator or freezer to keep bulk food product fresh. A restaurant may also need a more traditional refrigerator for smaller supplies or for pulling out the day’s supplies each morning to make them easier to access. In some cases, a restaurant may want a display case as well to show off deserts or bakery items that need to be kept fresh.


Keeping Food Cold in Grocery Stores

Grocery stores typically use walk in coolers and freezers to store products and display cases to show off their cold products. They’ll also need freezer displays to show off frozen foods the customer may want to purchase. The display cases can vary in shape and size, depending on the needs of the particular grocery store.

Keeping Flowers Fresh for Florists

While you wouldn’t typically think of a florist as needing refrigeration, it can help the flowers stay fresh longer. Flowers that are refrigerated overnight instead of left on the shelf will still be looking great the next morning, expanding the life expectancy of the flowers they sell. Florists generally use a walk in refrigerator for larger businesses, but some smaller businesses may have a more traditional sized refrigerator.


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